Saturday, 26 May 2012

Heartland Institute 7th International climate conference a great success.

      The Heartland Institute`s 7th International Conference on Climate Change took place in Chicago Illinois from Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 May .2012.  It was an unqualified success. Videos of all presentations are available at  the web site   Approximately 50 speakers from around the world addressed around 300 audience members eager to learn about the causes and consequences of climate change. Speakers included Vaclav Klaus President of the Czech Republic, Jim Sensenbrenner US Congress member for Wisconsin and chair of the Congress Science committee,  Harrison Schmidt geologist and the last Apollo astronaut  to walk on the moon, Lord Monckton former science adviser to Mrs Thatcher, Professor Bob Carter Research Professor at James Cook University Queensland, Stanley Goldenberg research meteorologist with the hurricane division of NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), Larry Bell Professor of space architecture at the University of Houston, Paul Driessen Senior policy Adviser at CFACT (Committee for a constructive to-morrow), Dr Craig Idso and Professor Fred Singer co-authors of the massive report of the non governmental panel on climate change.
         The conference was co-hosted by a record60 think tanks and other groups including organisations in Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Germany, India, New Zealand and Nigeria. A number of climate alarmists who support the IPCC were invited to come to the conference to speak but none agreed to attend. Left wind protesters outside the conference numbered no more than 50.              
       Topics covered included the latest research on solar cycles and cosmic rays to paeoclimatology, extreme weather events, renewable fuels, the reliability of land based temperature records( not very reliable given that the UK Hadley climate centre are involved in altering the land temperature records from many stations in the Crutem 4 report---- see blog Terri Jackson). What satellite records show for temperature measurements and their better reliability, what physics and biology tell us about sensitivity of climate to CO2 forcing, reliability of IPCC forecasts, cooling trends 1998 to 2012.  Natural versus man made influences on climate, adaptation versus mitigation for climate policies, the sociology of global warming alarmism.
     Jim Sensenbrenner in his speech made it clear that the EU illegal taxes on non EU citizens flying into and out of EU airspace was a blatant violation of international law.  He said that the UN policies really involved a proposed massive transfer of wealth from developed world countries to underdeveloped countries.  He said that as far as the US was concerned cap and tax and Koyoto were dead for good.  Those who supported the Waxman-Markey cap and tax bill in the Congress were all annihilated in the US congress elections in 2010. The conference ended on a high note with the realisation that in the ongoing scientific debate the public is now strongly on their side against alarmism and the coming elections in the US will show a reversal of the anti-energy and anti-science policies of the recent past.
                           (report compiled by Terri Jackson 2010 Heartland speaker).

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