Saturday, 23 July 2011

UN Green Fascists propose a UN Green Police!!

       The Guardian newspaper reports that the UN security council have proposed the setting up of a green police "security" force!   Fresh from last years December Cancun climate talks in Mexico during which global warming alarmists demanded that developed nations such as the US hand over $100 billion to nations such as Iran,  North Korea and Venezuela, global warming activists see the green police as another means to exert pressure on industralised western democracies.  US carbon dioxide emissions have declined during the last decade, as have emissions from western democracies as a whole.  China which has been exempt from global agreements to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is responsible for 75% of the growth in global CO2 emissions during the last decade.  Guardian Report.      The real plan is of course exactly what the IPCC official Ottmar Edenhoffer said just prior to the start of the Cancun conference "one must clearly say that we re-distribute the defacto the world`s wealth by climate policy" and as the Bolivian President Eva Morales also said " the principle objective of the conference would be to save the planet from capitalism"     So there it is:
the destruction of the Western democracies of the US and the UK.   Not as much as a squeak from Cameron or Obama!        

         Note:   just one small problem in this plan.  While carbon dioxide emissions have been rising globally recent temperature from the AMSRE satellite(see Dr Roy Spencer Nasa lead scientist) shows that global sea surface temperatures are rapidly declining and the latest Hadley Centre graphic also shows a cooling earth over the last decade. Did not the alarmists tell us that increased carbon dioxide levels would lead to global warming?  Could it be that the alarmists are wrong and that the data from the Antarctic Vostock Ice core and the Antarctica Epica dome ice core confirm that they are indeed very wrong!     That in fact over the last 7200 years the 18 deep warmings and coolings have been as a result of the solar irradiance changes which have showed that temperatures changes always PRECEDED carbon dioxide changes which always occurred 200 to 800 years later as a result of outgassing from the oceans. see Dr Leblanc Smith MAIG, MAAPG,   and Jouzel et al  World Data Centre for Paleoclimatology).  

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