Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Greenland research paper demolishes the IPCC "tipping point" outcome

                 The IPCC and its climategate scientists have predicted CO2 caused global warming for decades
which could cause the Greenland area to warm leading to a gigantic ice melt and flooding coastal regions round the globe.   N Daniault et al in Geophysical Letters 2011 studied the East Greenland-Irminger current (EGIC) which flows southwestward along the eastern coast of Greenland.  It is important because variability in the EGIC likely influences convection in the Labrador and Irminger seas.  They found that the EGIC transport was close to average from 1992- 1996, decreased 1997-2005 and has increased since 2006.  Beyond this decadal variability the researchers found no significant trend in the 1992-2009 EGIC transport time series, confirming that EGIC transport variability has not changed significantly over the past two decades.  (see  N Daniault,  H Mercier,  P Lherminier 2011 Geophysical research letters).

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