Wednesday, 27 July 2011

NASA Research Reveals Antarctica Ice Sheet Melt a fraction of Climate Model Predictions

     Gullible reporters and left leaning politicians have gleefully relied on the exaggerated climate model predictions in an attempt to lend credence to their claims of accelerating sea level rises.  The climate models projected that human CO2 increases would cause a definitive ice sheet melt with rising sea levels.  However two NASA scientists reported in the AAAS Science Journal and have found that data from the East Antarctica ice sheet showed that previous ice sheet loss estimates were significantly higher than reality.
( ).  Combine this study`s results with recent Greenland ice sheet research and it becomes very evident why the empirical evidence (satellites and tide gauges) does not conform to the wild predictions of climate models; nor does the real world science conform to the baseless exaggerated journalism spoon fed by the green climate activists.  New research out of Greenland proves the stability of the ice sheet over the last two decades(see next post)


  1. Umm, the link seems to be broken and the parent directory just gets me to a climate sceptic site. Could you post the link to the original document please so I can read what these guys actually found rather then your interpretation. Not that I would dream of suggesting that you were biased, or associated with the Heartland Institute or anything like that!!!

  2. The paper referred to is in Science journal. To locate this, if you are not signed up to Science, will cost $15 per article. However a similar article is published in Science on line on 3 March 2011 by R E Bell et al "Widespread Persistent Thickening of the East Antarctic ice sheet by Freezing from the Base"