Friday, 13 May 2011

Global Warming Fraud Creates Third World Food Crisis. New Report

                        Leading US lawyer John O`Sullivan in a guest post on reveals the shocking details of the green movement use of grain to produce ethanol.  Due to the flagrant use of 6.5percent of the world`s grain for ethanol, third world hunger is exploding into mass starvation. The grain which should be going to feed the world`s hungry instead is going to produce 85 billion litres of ethanol annually. The governments have signed up to the idea that biofuels are going to be the greener source for mankind`s energy needs. As a result while the wealthier portion of the world`s population ends up paying a lot more for food, those in underdeveloped countries starve. O`Sullivan notes that in the US a staggering 39.8 percent of the world`s ethanol is created from US crops that should instead  be used as food.  Europe alone will see 5.4 billion litres of ethanol used this year, a 15 percent increase over 2010. He goes on to note that the Koyoto Protocol was the trigger for mass starvation!  In a telling description he says a death sentence is being issued on millions more in the future. All this unnecessary as carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is not causing global warming.  Human use of fossil fuels has no significant effect on the climate. See for special US Senate Report from over 1000 international climate scientists who dissent that humans are responsible for climate change. (see also for ethanol volumes.   Contribution salso from Canadian geophysicist N Kalmanovitch.)

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