Friday, 15 April 2011

Professor John Christy, a former IPCC lead author attacks climate alarmism

     Professor John Christy a former lead author of the IPCC in an interview on the Australian Chris Smith Chat Show says that a carbon tax will not lower the earth temperature!  He went on to say that the present rate of temperature change is less than one degree/century. In other words insignificant! This agrees with the SPPI global temperature index temperature trend based on real satellite(the most accurate)temperature measurements. Christy says it is impossible for humans to change the climate!  He said that even if a thousand new nuclear plants were built the climate change would be less than a tenth of one degree after a hundred years!

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  1. There have been five major ice ages that have occurred in the history of earth's evolution. How come these ice ages disappeared before man invented the infernal combustion engine? What caused the ice to retreat?

    If current warming trends are unprecedented in geological history - with respect to the rate of global warming - then how do you explain the previous point?

    How did these five MAJOR ice ages disappear? What was the cause or what were the causes that made the ICE retreat?

    Obviously, none of us have experienced an ice age within the time frame of our lives and yet these have come and gone so frequently in the past - ALL BEFORE INDUSTRILISATION!.

    It seems logical to conclude that NATURAL CLIMATE CHANGE has always been with us and always will.

    The climate system is governed by thousands of factors, ranging from the Sun to the Oceans to Clouds to tectonic plate movement, etc.

    I would argue that our ignorance of the climate system is ENORMOUS and no one is even close to understanding it.

    In summary, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and to propose that mankind is driving global temperatures because of elevating levels of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere - requires exactly this.