Tuesday, 31 May 2011

German eco fascist climate WBGU report, and 4 billion population reduction. Are they linked? read new report

              Helga Zepp-Larouche,chairwoman of the German Civil Rights movement Solidarity has highlighted the report by the German Advisory Council to the Federal government on Global Environment Change(WBGU) which was released on 7 April and which proposes the complete decarbonisation of the world energy economy, the complete elimination of all fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas) by 2050 and the immediate renunciation of nuclear fission and further research on nuclear fusion. The haste with which Chancellor Merkel has now agreed to the total phasing out of nuclear power shows the report has found favour.
           It will mean the complete end of Germany as an industrial power.The proposed decarbonisation of the German economy will quickly displace German energy intensive industries and so break the backbone of the German economy. This policy says Mrs Zepp-Larouche is a policy which she says demonstrably "comes directly from Queen Elizabeth  and her population reduction loving consort Prince Philip".The global social contract proposed by the WBGU means nothing else but an imperial, democracy ending, global eco fascism, based on a view of humanity filled with contempt and hatred for man.
           Mrs Zepp-Larouche poses the question as to who benefits from a green world dictatorship today? Not the British people, not the British nation but the British Empire ie the system of globalisation with its networks of central banks, hedge funds etc which over 20 years has achieved the full deregulation of the financial system. The HQ not by chance being in the City of London.  She says a new bubble is needed   and what better than the sale of CO2 indulgences especially if you have shut down the competition, nuclear and fossil fuel plants!  On a world scale the low energy flux density of  renewable energies corresponds to a maximum world population of 1 to 2 billion people!!  For developing nations this means a massive population reduction.(genocide?).  A reduced world population may please Prince Philip who has been reported as saying he would like to be reborn as a virus.  Mrs Zepp-Larouche also records the mistaken  intervention by the Queen in 2004 when in November 2004 at the British Embassy in Berlin she made Dr H J Schellnhuber the director of the WBGU a CBE of the British Empire. This represents says Mrs ZL a geostrategic grip by the British Empire(the banks) on Germany as an industrial nation. She cites an Observer newspaper report of 31 October 2004 as reporting a rare intervention in world politics by the Queen which she says reported that the Queen asked Blair to persuade George W Bush to accept antropogenic global warming(AGW). A non existent phenomena!
             The German Civil Rights Movement has drafted a petition which  should be signed by every scientist and all those who love democracy.  It is the start of German resistance against the eco fascist green policies of the WBGU. All scientists of all countries and concerned citizens should sign this report.  It can be seen at larouchepac.com/node/18103   (Petition to Stop Global Eco-Fascism)
Also see    larouchepub.com/eiw/public/2011/2011_10-19/2011-18/pdf/13-23_3818.pdf
(Question:  How many of the government politicians in Germany and Britain are against economic growth?)

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