Tuesday, 15 September 2015

UN and OXfam accused of "bribing" journalists to write scare climate stories.

              A report by Ian Wishart on the WUWT climate blog contains disturbing news that both the UN and Oxfam are "bribing"(report) journalists to write what the report says are  "scare stories about climate ahead of the global climate conference in Paris in December.  Details of these "bribes"(report) include ego boosting "awards", global travel in CO2 generating airliners and financial payments are contained in a news release published by the UNDP today and reported on the WUWT web site(the WUWT climate web site is the most watched climate web site in the world.).  Journalists code of ethics forbid being induced to give favourable coverage.

                The news release says "Oxfam will support the Voice2Paris global storytelling contest launched in August by the UN Development Programme(UNDP) by providing three additional fellowships for participating journalists to cover the UN Conference on Climate Change, COP21, in Paris in December"  the manager of the Oxfam Climate Change and Poverty team in Hong Kong  a Mr Wang Binbin says " this is an opportunity for young journalists to strengthen their perception of climate change and to frame it not merely as an environmental issue but also as an issue of social justice and poverty alleviation".

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