Sunday, 27 September 2015

NOAA altering temperatures to give the impression of warming. White House implicated.

Accusations of deception and fraud against the US government climate agencies
and President Obama and Germany.

Principia Scientific International report that SSRC the Space and Science Research
Corporation a world leader in climate prediction has accused both the US government climate
bodies including NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and NASA and
President Obama of deceiving the public regarding the true status of the earth climate.
Temperature data from ground based temperature recording stations have been deliberately
altered by criminal elements in these organisations lowering the recorded temperature before
1998 and increasing it after 1998 to give the false impression to the public that the earth is
warming when the opposite is the case. They may face jail eventually.

     All three terrestrial temperature data sets Hadcrut 4, Giss and NCDC have been tampered with to give the impression to the gullible that the earth has been warming when the opposite is the case. BBC weather report July 1 overnight in the UK was a record LOW! Not a word from the Met Office about this record low! By contrast both satellite temperature based temperature data sets RSS and UAH show no global warming over the past 18 years!(see graphics later.). Satellites cannot be tampered with!

    SSRC have as a result of this deliberate deception dropped the US government ground
based global temperature data from its list of reliable sources.(29 June 2015)` The SSRC now uses
the two satellite data sets RSS and UAH which cannot be tampered with by criminal activity.
Arrests are bound to follow this criminal activity. SSRC have said that “until scientific integrity is
restored in the White House and in the rest of the federal government we will be forced to rely
solely on satellite data”. Professor Ole Humlum Professor of Physical Geology at the University
of Oslo and an expert on global glacial activity is the co-editor of the SSRC report. He said “it is
regrettable to see politically forced changing of temperature data which will lead to the wrong
conclusions about climate change direction” see also for further
revelations of fraud by NOAA with criminal alteration of the recorded temperatures! Criminal
activity has also been discovered within the German weather service! (see www.

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