Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Brazil appoints climate sceptic as new science minister!

                   The Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has appointed Aldo Rebelo, who rejects human climate change, as the new science minister for Brazil.  A report in the New York Times is very revealing.Mr Rebel is quoted in the New York Times:

                             " Science is not an article.  In fact there is no scientific proof of the projections of global warming, much less that it is occurring because of human action and not because of natural phenomena.  It is a construct based on computer simulations.--------there are  innumerable errors, frauds or manipulations always spun in the service of countries that finance certain research projects.  I am curious to know whether those who today accept the theory of global warming and its alleged anthropogenic causes as unshakeable dogma, are the same ones who some years ago announced, with identical divine certainty, global cooling"

                 Reported by Andrew Revkin  New York Times 7 January 2015

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