Saturday, 12 April 2014

NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Temperature Fraud Expands! Report on Real Science

             Science blogger Steven Goddard( revealed on his Real Science site the fraud at the heart of the NOAA deliberate temperature "adjustments".  Compare the two data graphics below
                                                                                   The first graphic shows the temperature difference between 1934 and 1998 of 0.6celsius degrees, 1.1 Fahrenheit, as stated by NASA in 1999. The original temperature data showed 1934 ,1921,1931and 1953 all warmer than 1998. The second graphic shows the NASA /NOAA "adjusted" 1934 difference as now as 0.2 celsius cooler than 1998!   So the total downward adjustment of 1934 is almost 1.3 degrees Farheneit relative to 1998.  Goddard told Fox News "the adjusted data is meaningless garbage.  It bears no resemblance to the original temperature data".  University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) and leading Nasa scientist Dr Roy Spencer said " "NOAA has made so many adjustments to the data it is ridiculous.  They make recent years relatively warmer". Spencer says that the data does need to be adjusted but not the way NOAA did it. Spencer says that urban weather stations have reported higher temperatures partly because, as a city grows, it becomes a bit hotter. But instead of adjusting directly for that Spencer says that to make the urban and rural weather readings match NOAA"warmed the rural stations to match the urban stations"  which would make it seem as if all areas were getting warmer!!      Nice alarmist move to pretend 1998 was warmer than 1934 when in fact it was cooler.  A pretence that there is  global warming.   Anthony Watts whose site is the world`s most viewed site on global warming and climate change said to Fox News " in the business and trading world people go to jail for such manipulations of data"    Indeed!

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