Thursday, 10 April 2014

Climate Professor quits biased Global Warming IPCC!

               Dutch climate professor Richard Tol has resigned from the Climate Panel of the UN.  Professor Tol disagrees with the biased negative conclusions of the latest UN climate report.  The consequences of climate change are being systematically over estimated says Professor Tol.  In an indictment of the IPCC he says " The (IPCC)Panel is directed from within the environment lobby and not from within the science".  According to Professor Tol a professor of climate economy  the tone of the IPCC latest report is "grossly alarming and apocalyptic".  The consequences of climate change are being over-estimated.  "This over estimation is encouraged by the self selection of authors and references within the panel" he told the Belgian newspaper De Morgen.  He says there are many mediocre researchers in the UN IPCC.   Besides which there are a  number of people who have the right political connections.  The organisation is directed and controlled by people who benefit from climate policy.  Consequently Professor Tol has resigned from the IPCC panel with immediate effect.
                  Note:  The Heartland Institute( Non Governmental Panel on Climate Change have released their second report this week.  Widely discussed on Fox News it cites thousands of citations to peer reviewed scientific papers that "rising temperatures and CO2 levels will not harm humans or the environment".  It has been well received on Fox News in the US.
 Climate Change Reconsidered Web site.

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