Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Eco warmists trapped in the Antarctic aboard Russian ship. Falmouth receives distress signal.

                Anthony Watts in his blog whatsupwiththat (WUWT) reports in a post on 30 December of the plight of the eco warmists aboard the Russian ship trapped in the Antarctic.  The Australian ship Aurora made an attempt to reach the MVAkademik Shokalskiybut but was driven back into open waters by adverse weather with winds up to 30 knots and snow showers.   An attempt is to be made using a helicopter on board the Chinese vessel Xue Long to rescue the stranded passengers.   The Aurora will then use its barge to transfer all 52 passengers on board their vessel.   The rescue operation started on Christmas morning after the Falmouth Maritime Rescue Centre in the UK received a distress message via satellite from the Russian ship.  This message was then passed to RCC(Rescue Coordination Centre) Australia who is the responsible search and rescue authority for this area. the Australian ship has advised that it would be at risk itself of becoming beset by ice itself if it continues a rescue attempt.

            These foolish eco warmists are abandoning one ship to the ice, tying up two ice breakers, a barge and a helicopter for their escape all because they believed  the sea ice was going away.  Sheer irrational faith indeed as one contributor said it is on a par with that of medieval flagellants purifying the world through their suffering. Warmism is in deed a religion.  This after the Greenpeace deniers got themselves arrested in the Russian Arctic! (deniers of the scientific facts that climate change is natural  and not man made!)
                       The Alfred Wegener Institute reported in October that Antarctica sea ice is at its highest level for 30 years!.  This of course is ignored by the Guardian which instead puts out the nonsense that the expansion of sea ice in the Antarctic is due to the warming earth.  This is totally false and contrary to the scientific evidence. For millions of years the earth temperature has been much higher then today(see older posts on this blog).  At present the earth temperature has been level and is starting to fall not warm.  The contrarians and deniers who write for the Guardian need to get their facts right .

  News flash: Warmists rescued from the Antarctic!      The Australian  of 2 January reports that the eco warmists have been rescued by a helicopter from the Chinese Xue Long and transferred to the Australian ship the Aurora no doubt at great expense.  Far from the ice melting it is the exact opposite, a case of increasing Antarctica ice.  (see image from Josh 13!).  In fact winter sea ice has grown to its largest extent since satellite records began in the late 1970s in contradiction to the IPCC climate models. Data from Nasa`s satellites shows that the winter sea ice cover around Antarctica reached a record 19.l47 million sq km just before Christmas..  This beats last winter`s 19.44 millionsq km, itself a record!.  According to Nasa it is 3.6 percent higher than the average maximum between 1981 and 2010.  Far from global warming it is clear there is global cooling brought about by high winds and ocean currents.  Nothing to do with humans in spite of what the self appointed experts in the BBC and the Guardian may say. (Image below from cartonist Josh (13).
Latest News Flash:  The Aurora with the rescued  eco warmists  on board has been asked to standby as the Xue Long is struggling to get free of the ice.(Report by WUWT Friday 3 January)http://www.cartoonsbyjosh.com/

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