Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Scientists accuse IPCC of fraud in use of Bern Climate Cycle formula

    There has been a new development in the IPCC use of the CO2 response function.   It is used by the IPCC(page34, ARA4 WG1 Technical Summary).
In this formula which represents the decay of a pulse of CO2 with time t the first constant ao has a value of 0.217.  The point about this IPCC formula is that as the first ao term is a constant the CO2 level will always go up and never down!      This was first raised by Dr Jonathan Drake a UK climate researcher at the Edinburgh meeting with Professor Murry Salby as part of his recent UK tour.  However as Dr Drake and Mr Alker of PSI pointed out all records of atmospheric CO2 concentrations past, proxy or present day observations show that CO2 varies both up and down on any time scale relevant to climate!  So this formula invented by the IPCC allows them to claim wrongly that CO2 will always increase.  How convenient for the apostles of man made climate change!
It was also pointed out by Mr Alkler in the Q&A session that because the models are only dependent upon CO2 to change temperature the ao term means that all the climate models of the IPCC can only produce warming!    Essentially this means that 21.7% of each years human emissions of CO2 according to this IPCC formula NEVER leave the atmosphere leading to an accumulation of human emitted CO2 in the earth atmosphere.  This does not happen in reality in the atmosphere!  If this is not a fraud what is?  The CO2 graphic never reaches zero.  How convenient for the IPCC.
(a full report of the lecture by Professor Murry Salby given both at the House of Commons in London and at the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh can be viewed on the web site of the Scottish Climate and Energy Forum web site.

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