Friday, 8 November 2013

Rev Philip Foster and Terri Jackson lead Professor Murry Salby in climate debate in House of Commons

                 Professor Murry Salby demolishes climate alarmism in House of Commons lecture.

         Professor Murry Salby Professor in Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado and one of the world`s top scientists on climate change demolished the climate alarmist position in a lecture in the House of Commons on Wednesday 6 November.  He pointed out in a well reasoned  presentation using real life temperature data that the contribution of humans to climate change is not significant. He pointed out that carbon dioxide(a harmless gas) emissions are  mostly coming from natural sources. He made it clear that the carbon dioxide emissions are a result of temperature changes hundreds of years previously and not the cause of temperature changes.They are mainly coming from the soil and the oceans. His graphic showed the satellite image revealing that emissions are coming from vegetation areas in Africa and other parallel countries with little coming from industrial areas such as western europe and the US. The satellite images are the most accurate as they cannot be interfered with by people. He noted that there has been no global temperature rises for at least sixteen years in spite of increasing carbon dioxide levels.  The lecture was well attended with an audience of at least 100 including some well known members of parliament. The press were well represented. The arrangement of this important lecture was arranged by Rev Philip Foster and Terri Jackson of the climate network.   The climate network are indebted to Graham Stringer MP for the use of the committee room in the House of Commons.

            The photographs below show Professor Salby speaking in the House of Commons with Rev Philip Foster in the chair.  The other photograph shows Terri Jackson with Professor Salby signing his new book on climate published by Cambridge University Press. A summary of Professor Salby`s talk can be viewed on the Scottish Climate and Energy Forum web site

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