Friday, 15 February 2013

New paper proves that the Roman warming and Medieval warming were warmer than today.

                             A new scientific paper by Jan Esper et al published in Global Planetary Change 88-89 (2012) 1-9 has used 587 high resolution wood density profiles from living and sub fossil Pinus sylvestris (scots pine) trees in northern Sweden and Finland to form a long term maximum latewood density(MXD) record stretching 138 BC to 2006 AD.   They note that their new temperature history "provides evidence for substantial warmth during Roman and Medieval times, larger in extent and longer in duration than 20th century warmth".. They note that as the irrefutable empirical research mounts, it is becoming untenable for politicians, regulating bureaucrats and taxpayer funded scientists to maintain the falsehood that modern global warming has been unprecented. (Paper authors Jan Esper Johannes Gutenberg University Germany, Ulf Buntgen Swiss Federal Research Unit,  Mauri Timonen Finnish forest research unit, David Frank University of Bern).

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