Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Asteroid Could End Humanity!

                                         After the recent close encounter between our earth and an asteroid  Andrei Kokoshin a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in an interview this week with Itar-Tass in Moscow said "should a large celestial body hit the earth, the effects will be far more devastating, particularly so, if that happens in a large city.  In certain cases , as many scientists have been warning ,the fall of an asteroid would spell the end of humanity"   Kokoshin is also Dean of the Moscow state University Department of International Politics and deputy chair of the State Duma`s committee on science and technology.   He said that the time is ripe for this to become an international political issue. Dmitri Rogozin the Russian deputy Prime Minister has called for Russian-US immediate co-operation in the defence of earth.  Money needs to be spent to find ways by which a rogue asteroid could be deflected from its impact path with the earth.  There are thousands of asteroids out there in space and which we do not know their trajectories.  Far better to spend money on this than wasting it on climate change measures against so called man made global warming which is actually not happening!

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