Sunday, 30 September 2012

NASA ------cyclonic winds and ocean currents responsible for Arctic ice changes

                 While Arctic sea ice shrinks Antarctic ice expands!   In fact about 2400 Manhattens added overnight!   Nasa now admits that it was mainly cyclonic winds(not global warming) that pushed ice south into warmer waters.   The warming and cooling of both poles goes in cycles.   In a recent study Nasa has said that Antarctic temperatures have been much balmier in the past.(see also report by Cornwall Alliance    The Arctic sea ice shrinkage came in September which is late.  As the Cornwall Alliance notes this suggests ice in July/August was very thin, not requiring much sun to melt it.  Generally ice does not thin from the top indicating that ocean currents may have been the cause,not warm air, as the cause of the thinning and shrinkage.                          
                 The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation transfers heat from hemisphere to hemisphere, cooling one pole and warming the other. (see report by D Hoffman on GWPF site).   The CA also draws attention to the PDO(Pacific Decadel Oscillation), a 30 year ocean current cycle warming and cooling the oceans.  The CA Senior Fellow Dr Roy Spencer University of Alabama Huntsville and lead scientist on the NASA Aqua satellite remote sensing programme believes that the PDO accounts for most of the 20th century global warming.  Also the Arctic has been ice free before,such as in the 1920s with no ill affects.
                   (CA = Cornwall Alliance)

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