Friday, 21 September 2012

Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind the Global Warming Hoax

                              This is the title of a new book by Larry Bell Professor of Space Architecture at the University of Houston Texas.   Melting glaciers,suffering polar bears, rising oceans.  These are just a few of the climate change crisis myths debunked by Professor Larry Bell in this explosive new book.  Why and how are some of the world`s most prestigious scientific institutions cashing in on the debate?  Who stands to benefit most by promoting public climate change alarmism?  What true political and financial purposes are served by the vilification of carbon dioxide?   How do climate deceptions promote grossly exaggerated claims for non fossil alternative energy capacities and advance blatant global wealth redistribution goals? Climate of Corruption will bring welcome relief to all those who are fed up with climate crisis insanity.
        Recommended by Professor Fred Singer founding director of the US Weather Satellite Service and Professor Emeritus at the University of Virginia.  Also recommended by  Walter Cunningham Apollo 7 Astronaut,  Dr Joseph D`Aleo former Weather Channel Director of Meteorology and weather producer for ABC`s "Good Morning America",, also by John Coleman  Meteorologist and founder of The weather Channel.                                  
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See also the latest article on Dr Michael Mann"Climategate Star Michael Mann Courts Legal Disaster"  by Larry Bell in Forbes Magazine.

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