Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering new report supports fracking in the UK.

                A new report from the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering says that fracking to release shale gas should go ahead in the UK subject to tight regulations and continuous monitoring of drilling sites. The report says that despite evidence that fracking can trigger small earthquakes, the tremors felt would be about the same as those caused by a lorry driving past a house.   It said that the chances of any contaminated water escaping into supplies were very low.  Professor Robert Mair chair of the panel said " the risks associated with fracking can be managed effectively in the UK provided operational best practises and enforced through effective regulation"  In the US the Energy Information Administration in their latest monthly energy review said that the shale gas revolution in the US has meant that it is expected that carbon emissions will soon be back down to 1990 levels.  In addition US consumers will have saved $100 billion per year!   The low priced shale gas is the key driver of falling carbon emissions.  Gas and electricity prices in the US are now half what they are in the UK.

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