Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nobel prize winner ---physicist Ivar Giaever--says climate change is pseudoscience!

    Joanne Nova reports on a recent meeting on climate change in which physicist Ivar Giaever was one of the speakers.   Ivar Giaever won the Nobel prize in 1972 for tunneling in superconductors.  In his speech he said that the results were too small to mean anything and called climate change science "pseudoscience".   He derided the Nobel committee for awarding the peace prize to Al Gore and R.K. Pachsuri, and called the human climate change  movement as a "religion"..  He found the measurement of the global average temperature rise of 0.8 degrees over 150 years to be meaningless and unlikely to be accurate because of the difficulties of measurement.   He showed several charts that showed the earth had cooled overall.   He disagreed that carbon dioxide was the driver of climate change.  (note: it is now recognised widely in the scientific community that the drivers of climate change are not humans but the sun and ocean cycles).

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