Monday, 20 November 2017

Christopher Booker on BBC climate bias

The Professor from the Grantham Institute is Professor Joanna Haigh formerly from the Institute of Physics.    I am also a long standing member of the Institute of Physics and as the founder of the energy and climate group at the Institute of Physics in London  I can  clearly say Professor Haigh is wrong.
          There is no scientific evidence that the earth temperature is increasing.  Climate data in NOAA has been deliberately criminally altered lowering the temperature data before 1998 and increasing it after 1998 to give the false impression that the earth temperature in increasing in temperature.  All the main physics research in UK universities Northumberland, Southamption etc all indicate that climate change is due to the changing sun resulting in the earth heading towards a new ice age.  research by Professor Murry Salby(see his Westminster lecture) shows that nearly all the CO2 in the atmosphere is coming from natural sources such as high vegetation equatorial regions and ocean releases(over 98%). .

Three weeks ago, the BBC was happy to apologise for a breach of its legal obligation to report only with “accuracy and impartiality”, after an interviewer on the Today programme had failed to challenge a point which the global warming sceptic Lord Lawson had got wrong. (From Christopher Booker column in the Sunday Telegraph 19 November)
Yet in recent days, as Today has gone into overdrive to puff the latest UN climate talks in Bonn, it has repeatedly failed to challenge a string of climate alarmist interviewees on claims much more wildly misleading than anything said by Lord Lawson.
When, for instance, a professor from the Grantham Institute wanted to correct any idea that computer models had got wrong their predictions of rising global temperatures, she was allowed to claim, unchallenged, that they had all been “bang on”.
Yet last March, when Dr John Christy, who runs one of the two official satellite temperature records, presented the US Congress with a scrupulously compiled graph showing the truth of those model predictions, it made clear that only one of 105 had been anywhere the temperatures actually recorded. The rest had exaggerated the real temperatures by up to a whole degree or more.
The same professor was allowed to get away with claiming that the cost of renewable energy had “simply plummeted”. Again the real figures show otherwise. Our hugely subsidised offshore wind farms, for instance, are producing electricity for which we still have to pay up to £161 a megawatt hour, three and a half times the current wholesale price of electricity.
At midday last Wednesday, coal and gas were providing 73 per cent of all the electricity we were using, while all our wind farms put together contributed just 0.5 per cent. So how are we going to keep our lights on under the Government’s plans to eliminate all those “polluting” fossil fuels?
The professor assured listeners that every country other than President Trump’s US, has “signed up” to the Paris climate agreement. Two days later, Today’s Justin Webb, interviewing another professor happily recalled that Al Gore had recently “told this programme” that China was doing “rather well” in its drive to lead the world in renewables.
Yet not once has Today ever allowed us to know that, in documents supplied to that same Paris climate conference, the rest of the world, led by China and India, detailed its plans to build so many hundreds of new coal-fired power stations that global CO emissions will by 2030 have risen by 46 per cent.
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