Monday, 28 August 2017

DIESELGATE. Wall Street Journal exposes the German motoring scandal.

             The WSJ in a recent article has exposed the growing German car dieselgate scandal  based on the climate alarmist political idiocy behind Germany`s deception when diesel engine powered vehicles were falsely portrayed and promoted as environmentally superior to combustion engine powered vehicles.( The German dieselgate scandal by Larry Hamlin.

         The WSJ article exposes how the German press have disguised and obfuscated the fact that politically mandated commitments to meaningless CO2 emissions reductions have driven the industry`s great green disaster.  WSJ notes that the prominent German magazine Der Spiegel has spent much of the summer hoarsely condemning VW, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Porsche accusing them of besmirching the reputation of "made in Germany" in the eyes of the world, never mind   record sales lately of BMW and Mercedes cars.   Not a word from Der Spiegel that the German dieselgate scandal arises entirely from European politicians politically correct pursuit of meaningless reductions of CO2.

          The WSJ article suggests that this entire climate alarmist driven political diesel swindle will be swept under the rug to promote yet more politically driven escapades pushing EVs as the next answer to making further car industry meaningless CO2 emissions reductions in support of climate alarmist idiocy. The switch from gasoline to diesel made the air in European cities significantly less breathable thanks to diesel particulates and nitrogen oxides. There has been no inclination to question the cost benefit basis of the anti carbon crusade.   The carbon imperialists as the Indian government has called them.   Chancellor Merkel has cunningly tried to distance herself from her role in this debacle by trying to blame the German car makers. The next disastrous move from the alarmist politicians is to get the car manufacturers to build electric vehicles, another move that will prove even more disastrous than the move from gasoline to diesel.
     (taken from the WSJ article by Larry Hamlin 2
7 August 2017).

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