Friday, 2 June 2017

President Trump withdraws the United States from Paris Climate Agreement


                           The cost of the Paris Climate Deal would be at least $100 trillion(yes trillon!) for the rest of this century with a maximum reduction of 0.3 F degrees in global average temperature.(insignificant).  Even this assumes global warming when the changing sun points to global cooling and a new ice age (backed by nearly all UK physics research departments in UK universities).  The moves to renewables both in the US and in the UK will devastate their economies if not stopped. The German press agency DPA has reported over 330 000 electricity consumers disconnected from the electric grid over the past year because they cannot afford to pay their high electricity bills due to the massive subsidies given to renewables.  In the UK the recent OBR report estimates that all households in the UK will by 2022 be paying £722 per household for these same subsidies. High electricity prices are due to renewables subsidies not due to the energy companies as politicians would try to have you believe.
               The Paris agreement would trap billions in extreme poverty for generations by denying them access to abundant, affordable, reliable energy.   the agreement allows countries like China to go on  building hundreds of coal fired power stations up to 2030.  No wonder China backs the agreement.  The Paris Agreement is illegal in the US and never got the vote of the Senate in the US Congress.  It has been treated as a treaty although it was due to ex President Obama signing a executive order. It should have gone to the Senate where it would have been defeated.  Senator James Inhofe says "By pulling out of the Paris Agreement Trump is further demonstrating his priority of American energy dominance"(USA Today).  The US has paid $1 billion into the Green climate fund,  China and Russia have paid nothing.  No wonder China supports the agreement.

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