Saturday, 9 July 2016

Lecture Professor Murry Salby. Atmospheric Carbon: Why its not pollution and why humans cannot regulate it.

                            Professor Murry Salby lecture  

                   Atmospheric Carbon: Why its not pollution and why humans cannot regulate it.

      18 July 6.45pm for 7.15pm    Large Lecture theatre (GO6)
             Roberts Building   University College London                      
     entrance from Torrington Place London WC1E  7HB (opposite Waterstones bookshop)
          Nearest tube stations: Euston Square, Goodge Street.  free admission
      Contact Philip Foster MA 01480 399098

Summary: the independently corroborated evidence ofa much shorter CO2 absorption time means a faster removal of CO2.  this lowers the upper bound of antropogenic CO2 considerably, to only a couple of percent.  almost all the CO2 increase is therefore beyond human control.
                       After the turn of the century the growth of fossil fuel emission underwent a three fold increase. this resulted in 200% more CO2 being emitted by fossil fuel during the following decade than was emitted during the preceding decade.  yet the evolution of CO2 was virtually unchanged. Relative to natural variations (Climatological noise) increased CO2 from fossil fuel emission is presently not detectable. 

     Professor Salby`s latest lecture  University College London July 2016 will be shortly on U-tube.

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  1. Terri, Do you have any way to contact Prof Salby? email address?

    I'd like to contact him to get a copy of the slides for his presentation, and permission to create a transcript of this presentation.

    Kip Hansen
    kip at the domain i4 decimal net