Wednesday, 10 February 2016

US Supreme Court blocks Obama`s global warming plans. A fatal blow struck against man made climate change.

The U.S. Supreme Court just delivered a major blow to President Barack Obama’s global warming agenda by halting the implementation of a key Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation on carbon dioxide emissions.
The court won’t allow the EPA to implement its so-called Clean Power Plan (CPP), which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants 32 percent by 2030. This is a big win for the 29 states suing the federal government to stop a rule expected to cripple the coal industry.
“Five justices of the Supreme Court agreed with North Dakota and other parties that EPA’s regulation would impose massive irreparable harms on North Dakota and the rest of the country and that there was a substantial likelihood EPA was acting unlawfully,” Paul Seby, an attorney with law firm Greenberg Traurig representing the state of North Dakota, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.
States asked the Supreme Court to halt implementation of the CPP after a lower court rejected their appeal in January. Now,Attorney General Morrisey and the Obama administration will make their oral arguments on the merits of the law in front of federal judges in June.  " Make no mistake this is a great victory for West Virginia" said the West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey who is leading the 26 states who have filed opposition.  The Obama administration does not have legality on its side. The Paris Agreement on global warming has not been ratified by the Senate. Tom Pyle President of the Institute for Energy Research said "this will be a fatal blow to the president`s climate agenda"
Postcript: one of the justices who voted against the Obama climate policy found dead!

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