Monday, 11 January 2016

After Paris!

acknowledgement to Viv Forbes(Australia).  Daily Caller opinion poll.
Question:  Is global warming a lie or exaggeration to increase the size of government?   result:  yes  97%  no 3%  .
               Scientists at the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) have recorded from satellite measurements(unlike terrestrial temperature data sets satellite measurements cannot be manipulated) and have noted that for 2015 the temperature was 0.27 degrees celsius above the global average.which is within the El Nino range which is a natural occurrence.  The warmest year in the satellite record was 1998.  Both 1998 and 2010 were warmer than 2015.   the 0.27 degrees is statistically insignificant.  The satellite readings are measured from five miles up 24/7 and unlike the terrestrial measurements are not subject to deliberate interference. SSRC(Space and Science Research Corporation) a world leader in climate prediction has accused both the US government climate bodies NOAA and NASA and President Obama of deceiving the public regarding the true status of the earth climate.  Temperature readings have been deliberately lowered before 1998 and raised after 1998 giving a false impression to the public that the earth is warming when the opposite is the case.  Hadcrut 4, Giss and NCDC have been altered to suit the alarmist agenda(fully documented in Professor Plimer`s new book  "Heaven and Hell" now available from Amazon Books).  SSRC have now dropped the US government ground based global temperature data from its list of reliable sources and now only uses UAH and RSS satellite measurements.  SSRC said "until scientific integrity is restored to the White House and in the rest of the federal government we will be forced to rely solely on satellite data" NOAA rewrote the 200 plus year historical temperature dataset to make the last twenty years appear warmer than the past.   Met office statements on the December wet month only go back to 1910(when records were digital).  however as Delingpole has pointed out the Met office records go back to 1776 where the wettest December was in 1876 and the wettest calendar month was October 1903(  this from J Delingpole (Breitbart).  Who is fooling who? Its certainly not Delingpole, Spencer or the Daily Caller!

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