Tuesday, 24 November 2015

German "phantom" electricity. Also happening in the UK!

  Die Welt reports that German consumers are being forced to pay huge sums of money to wind companies and solar plant operators who are ordered to stop feeding electricity into the German grid because of oversupply at certain times, yet they get paid anyway! Wind companies in Germany and solar energy operators are being asked ever more frequently to switch off their plants to stop grid overloads.  Yet they still receive payment for the power they would have produced!   Die Welt calls this never produced power "phantom electricity" but costing German consumers real cash!
                       This year it is estimated that a quarter billion euros will be added to electricity bills for the green kilowatt hours which were never produced.  An estimated 1580GW are never produced but still paid for!   Green power investors and producers get off scot free.  consumers pay!  Die Welt notes that Germany will try dumping its excess power into neighbouring foreign markets such as Poland and the Czech Republic.  However Poland and the Czech Republic are catching on to the scam and will employ power blockers and phase shifters to block any transfers.  The German green power will have nowhere to go.   More and more green power companies will collapse.will collapse.                  

Der Spiegel reports that more than a million German households had their power shut off over the last three years.  Due to the rising cost of electricity brought on by the hasty rush into green energy.  Hundreds of thousands of Germans are struggling without electricity.  More than 350 000 German households saw their power cut off in 2014!   Because of green subsidies power plants are losing billions of euros as they cannot get a modest price for their power.  This mandatory infusion of expensive and unstable green energies into the German power grid is the cause.  Der Spiegel notes that the price of electricity in Germany has doubled since 2002 because of the renewable energy feed in surcharge.

            (Acknowledgement:   the web site www.notrickszone.com   P Gosselin.
                  "phantom" electricity is also being used in the UK as the climate alarmist politicians in the UK are repeating the German scenario.  If UK consumers think their electricity bills are high they have`nt seen anything yet compared to what is coming down the track!)

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