Saturday, 1 August 2015

Arctic ice--worst conditions in 20 years so says Canadian Coast Guard. When will the Guardian report this?

The ccgs Pierre Radisson caught in Arctic ice.  The worst conditions in 20 years forces change of plans for icebreaker global warming research program. Heavy ice in Hudson Bay derailed the ccgs Amundsen`s research plans with a team from the University of British Columbia to study(would you believe it!) global warming! The coast guard said it is the worst conditions they have seen in 20 years. The Amundsen has been rerouted to escort commercial ships to resupply communities in Northern Quebec on the eastern side of Hudson bay.(CBC Report).

               UK scientists from University of Reading, University of Southampton, University of Northumbria all predict the earth is heading for a new ice age.  When will we see this reported by the Guardian and other UK media?  Abroad the Indian Institute of Solar Technology and the St Petersburg Polkovo Observatory likewise predict the earth is heading towards a Maunder solar minimum with an ice age dawning quickly.  When will the  Guardian and other alarmist media  abandon alarmist climate reporting and report reality?  when?.  The public demand a change.
Fossil fuels are not changing the climate, the sun is!

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