Friday, 26 June 2015

House of Representatives votes against Obama`s green climate policy. Blow to Paris conference.

                         The US House of Representatives voted by a substantial majority of 247 to 180on Wednesday against implementing the Obama policy of inhibiting the growth of fossil fuel power plants. Under the new bill state governors can opt out of adopting state plans for the Environment Protection Agency regulation if such a plan would harm electricity rates, reliability or important economic sectors inthe states. the GOP believes that the Obama climate rule will not withstand judicial review so the GOP instigated delay is designed to ensure Obama`s disastrous climate policy regulation never takes effect.  A similar move is taking place in the Senate. (Report from The Hill by Timothy Cama and Christina Marcos 24 June 2015.).

In a separate Wall Street Journal column Lamar Smith the chair of the House committee on Science Space and Technology said that Obama`s claim of impending climate disaster is bunk!, a scare story spread in the face of mounting countervailing evidence with the underlying goal of redistributing wealth from developed countries. He said that Obama was raising alarms about global warming based on beliefs not science. This is in line with the position of Christina Figures the UN climate representative who has clearly indicated the aim is a complete redistribution of wealth worldwide and who has praised communism and the China communist model of government.(see previous post).

 Earth Day celebrated each year 22 April by the Green movement.    Lenin`s birthday!
  Go Green?   No thanks.  No way!    The green environmentalists can keep the hammer and sickle!

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