Tuesday, 25 February 2014

US Secretary of State Kerry and climate McCarthyism

     The Heartland Institute reports that US Secretary of State John Kerry sunk to climate McCarthyism last week calling emminent scientists at NASA, NOAA, Harvard, MIT, Princeton and Columbia and other prestigious research institutions and universities "shoddy scientists" and members of the "flat earth society" because they do not agree with Kerry and president Obama on global warming issues.

      Fortunately for science and unfortunately for Kerry the Scientific Method encourages rather than blackballs critical inquiry and scientific debate.  If that was not the case people would indeed still believe the earth is flat.  More than 31000 graduate scientists have signed the Oregon petition(www.petitionproject.org) which is a summary of the science explaining why humans are NOT creating a global warming crisis.  A survey of more than 1800 atmospheric scientists in the American Meteorological Society  shows less than half believe humans are the primary cause of recent warming.
                   Comprehensive scientific summaries presented by the Nongovernmental International Panel on climate change  reveal thousands of peer reviewed studies contradict the alarmist global warming narrative.  Scientific organizations such as the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Polish Academy of Sciences dispute the notion that humans are causing a global warming crisis.  The recent Japanese IBUKU climate satellite data shows that carbon dioxide is coming not from the US, UK or EU but instead from high vegetation areas of the earth at the equator in Africa and in South America. Carbon dioxide satellite data given by Professor Murry Salby in his recent UK tour also bears this out. Professor Richard Lindzen emeritus professor of atmospheric physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology  in communication with this blog author also agrees. The present floods in England are a result of changes in the sun and have nothing to do with humans.( see speech by Met Office Professor Matt Collins).   As a result of its climate satellite data Japan has all but abandoned its climate carbon reduction targets as has an increasing number of other countries such as Australia, Poland, Russia, Canada.  Because of the decline in the total solar irradiance of the sun the earth is heading not for global warming but for an ice age.
The global temperature has remained static for the past eighteen years and is now starting to decline.

                More than 1300 peer reviewed papers published in the scientific literature cast doubt on global warming alarmism.  Popular Technology debunks assertions that nearly all peer- reviewed papers support alarmist global warming predictions.  (see www.populartechnology.net/2009/10/peer-reviewed-papers-supporting.html).

Note: the UN Panel on climate change in their models forecast more than three times more warming between 1979 and 2013 than actually occurred in the real world, climate scientists Richard McNider and Professor John Christy(a IPCC lead author) report. Tokyo has been pounded with historic snowfall.  Tokyo received ten inches of snow Saturday morning last, the largest amount of snowfall the city has seen since the global cooling scare of the 1970s.   According to Japanese media reports, the snow storm caused 12 deaths and more than 1500 injuries.  The historic snowfall debunks global warming activists` assertions that this year`s unusually fierce winter is merely a North American phenomenon.

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