Monday, 28 October 2013

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott attacks the climate alarmists.

                          In an interview with News Corp`s Australian newspapers Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has strongly rejected arguments that climate change is causing the wildfires ravaging eastern parts of the country.   He described the link that some attribute as  `complete hogwash`..   Environment Minister Greg Hunt backed the Prime Minister saying no individual event can be linked to climate change. The present extreme temperatures in Australia follow some of the coldest temperatures on record last year when Canberra Airport experienced its lowest temperature on record. This of course is deliberately forgotten by alarmists.  Wildly fluctuating temperatures from one year to another and from one part of the earth to another are a signal of an approaching ice age , not global warming!.  Tony Abbott says that Australia has experienced wildfires for more than 200 years and has suffered worse fires in the past.  He accused Christiana Figures, executive secretary of the UN  Framework Convention on Climate Change of `talking through her hat` when she referred to the Australian wildfires as the world `paying the price of carbon` in the atmosphere.   Mr Abbott said `they are desperate to find anything that they think might pass as ammunition for their cause`  referring to people who link the fires in Australia to global warming.   (Report by Ted Thornhill Daily Mail 27/10/13

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