Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New Ice Age Fast Approaching. Abdussamatov Prediction

                Dr H Abdussamatov   Director of Space Physics at the Polkovo Observatory St Petersburg and Russian Director of the International Space Station gives clear evidence of the rapidly declining short range 11 year solar cycle and the longer range bicennential component of the Total Solar Irradiance(TSI).   This decline is not compensated by a decrease to space of the earth thermal energy.  This will  lead inexorably to the start of a new Little Ice Age.    This decline will last well into the 22nd century.  There will be no more global warming this century.
             www.ccsenet.org     Applied Physics Research   Vol 4 No1 February 2012


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  2. Just watched Cold Sun by J L Casey and he mentioned Abdussamatov's work. It was from 2014 and needless to say he seems to be more on track than the idea that the polar ice is melting. The real bad news is that man can more easily survive heat than cold. Casy said to prepare, guess we should all become preppers and I mean that seriously. THX for the post it verified the video.