Thursday, 22 November 2012

BBC`s dirty little secret lands it is a new climate scandal!

                    Christopher Booker reports in the Sunday Telegraph of 22 November regarding the  latest scandal to hit the BBC, this time regarding the BBC decision to defy its charter obligation to report on the global warming subject impartially.   Booker reports on the secret day long seminar held at Television Centre on 26 January 2006.  It was attended by all the BBC top brass including George Entwistle the short lived director general including some other executives who have recently had to step aside because of the Saville affair, such as Helen Boaden, then director  of news.  In 2008 the BBC Trust published a report claiming that this unprecedented decision to flout its charter of impartiality was taken after a "high level seminar with some of the best scientific experts" on climate change.  Now the names of those who attended the seminar have been finally revealed on the internet thanks to another blogger Maurizio Morabito(see and theWayback Machine which stores information deleted from the internet.   Only three of the "28 specialists"  invited to advise the BBC were active scientists, none of them climate experts and all committed global warming alarmists.(note: the latest scientific evidence shows that there has been no global warming for at least 15 years. Any warming previous to this has been natural.).  Virtually all the rest on the list were professional climate change lobbyists, ranging from emissaries of Greenpeace and the Stop Climate Chaos campaign.
               Booker goes on to relate that in his report "The BBC and Climate Change: a Triple Betrayal"(on the global warming policy foundation website) the consequences of what this roomful of "climate activists" advocated as BBC policy were devastating.    There followed a stream of unashamedly propagandist documentaries ,led off with two fronted by Sir David Attenborough which featured a string of ludicrous scare stories.   Booker goes on to report on the small outfit set up to lobby the media on global warming, funded by the Department for Environment, the WWF and the University of East Anglia(home of the climategate e-mails scandal).

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