Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Coming New Little Ice Age

The changing Sun has enabled Dr H Abdussamatov Russian Director of the International Space Station and head of space research at the Polkovo Observatory in St Petersburg to predict a cooling Earth using the two century solar cycle which governs the solar physics of the Sun.  In his latest paper he has predicted that based on the decrease of the bicentennial luminosity on the basis of the observed accelerating drop in both the 11 year solar cycle and the bicentennial component of the total solar irradiance(TSI), which is not being compensated by a decrease in the emission to space of the Earth thermal energy there will be the start in 2014 of the next cycle of deep cooling leading to a Little Ice Age by 2055(+/-11years).   This will last well into the 22nd century.  British university scientists support this position.

Variations of both the TSI and solar activity in 1978-2011 and a forecast of their variations in cycles 24-26(up to the year 2045)

The TSI and solar activity variations since 1611 and our forecast for their changes(dash lines)

Dr H Abdussamatov   Applied Physics Research Vol 4, No1, February 2012

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