Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Former Secretary of President Reagans Office of Economic Opportunity Geologist Leighton Stewart rubbishes alarmist climate change movement.

                    The former secretary of President Reagans Office of Economic Opportunity geologist Leighton Stewart rubbishes the alarmist climate change movement.  In the WorldNetDaily (9 December 2011) his analysis entitled "THE CLIMATE CHANGE CON ARTISTS"  asks the following searching questions:

  1. Why can`t warming alarmists produce a single legitimate example of empirical evidence to support the man made global warming hypothesis?                                                              
  2. Why has the earth been warming for 300 years when man has only emitted measurable amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere for the last 150 years?                                                                                        
  3. Why did the earth cool for 500 years before the recent 300 year warming and warm for several hundred years before that when even the IPCC says CO2 levels did not change?                                        
  4. Why was the Medieval Warm Period, a thousand years ago, warmer than today even though the CO2 level was 38 percent lower than today?                                                                                     
  5. Why did many of the earth`s major glaciers in the Alps, Asia, New Zealand and Patagonia begin to retreat nearly half a century before the Industrial Revolution and man`s CO2 emissions?                                   
  6. Of the last five interglacials, going back 400 000 years, why is our current interglacial the coolest of the five even though the earth`s CO2 level is about 35 percent higher?                                              
  7. Why has our current 10 000 year long Holocene epoch been warmer than today for 50 percent of the time when CO2 levels were about 35 percent lower than today?                                            
  8. Why are correlations of the earth`s temperature with natural factors such as sunspot numbers,solar cycle lengths, solar magnetic variations and changes in major ocean currents all better than the correlation of earth`s temperature with CO2 levels?                                                                         

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