Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Canada withdraws from the Koyoto climate protocol and is supported by Russia

                     With the UN Climate conference in Durban ending without any legal binding treaty to replace the Koyoto climate protocol it was most encouraging to read that Canada has officially withdrawn from supporting the Koyoto protocol.  Canada has been supported by Russia and it is clear that the EU climate policies based on the now discredited antropogenic climate theory are becoming more and more isolated.    This very point has been raised by US Secretary of State Hiliary Clinton over the attempt by the EU to charge other world airlines including American airlines for their emissions when they fly over EU airspace. Her letter to the EU authorities spelt it out in no uncertain terms that indeed as far as aviation policy was concerned the EU was isolated.
            Climate news this past month has seen the release of another 5000 e-mails in connection with the Climategate affair at the University of East Anglia. These latest revelations now known as Climategate 2 can be read  at www.foia2011.org .  They can also be viewed  on the Committee for a Constructive To-morrow web site  at www.cfact.org and also on  www.notrickszone.com      The CFACT web site also gives an excellent account of the CFACT press conference held at the failed UN Durban climate conference in December.   This press conference was addressed by US Senator James Inhofe who made it clear that the United States would be signing no such climate treaty.   The past month has also seen the climate conference on the UK Climate Change Act of 2008 held in the House of Commons..   Entitled "Repeal the Climate Change Act" it was held in committee room 14 in the House of  Commons on 30 November.  The packed committee room with in excess of 100 in attendance  included several prominent MPs was addressed by Professor Ian Plimer Professor of Environmental Geology at the University of Adelaide who launched his new climate book "How to get expelled from school:  a guide to climate change for pupils,parents and punters"  published by connorcourt publishers  at www.connorcourt.com.  The meeting was also addressed by  Canadian reporter Donna Laframboise who launched her new book "The Delinquent Teenager"(available from Amazon books  (www.amazon.co.uk))  a shocking expose of the IPCC.  Ruth Lea chief economist of the Arbuthnot banking group also spoke on the economic outcome of climate policies, while Dr Matt Ridley one of the UK`s leading science writers whose books have been translated into many other languages spoke on the political and energy consequences of present policy..   To listen to these world class speakers go to fraudulentclimate.atspace.com and scroll down to view the video of the meeting. 

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