Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Times Atlas publishes false information on Greenland. Cambrige Polar Institute

         The latest edition of the famous Times Atlas has been ridiculed by the Scott Polar Institute at Cambridge University for publishing wrong information about Greenland. The Scott Polar Institute has among its staff the renowned glaciologist Professor Julian Dowdeswell.   The Times Atlas latest edition has made 15 percent of Greenland green and ice free as a result of so called global warming.  This claim has been disputed by the Scott Polar Institute as "ludicrous".  Professor Liz Morris said "a serious error had been made".   In the 12 year period concerned less than one percent of the ice had actually melted.   The Arctic region is at present rapidly re-freezing again with recently a new area the size of Manhatten being added every two minutes. The Alec Jones Channel interview with Mark Morano of climatedepot revealed this and further information.  (see www.climatedepot.org).  The Times Atlas as a result of this very wrong information has clearly taken a hit regarding its reliability.

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